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Secondary Cicatrices Lynne Goldsmith
The Story of Doves Lynne Goldsmith
The Story of Doves Part Two Lynne Goldsmith
Lynne Goldsmith By Light and Hidden Matter
Critters in the Neighborhood Come and See with Me Lynne Goldsmith

Poetry book coming out                in 2024

Middle Grade Novel coming out in 2024
Birdseye Chronicles L.A. Goldsmith


"Brave, painstakingly rendered collection, which depicts in unflinching detail the silence and longing of lives that know no poetry. "

Robert Leonard Reid, author of Because It is So Beautiful: Unraveling the Mystique of the American West,

a finalist for the 2018 PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay

"Secondary Cicatrices is full of stimulating meditations of phenomena in the natural and human worlds—some startlingly beautiful, others poignantly disturbing—as well as reflections that expose the undying fight between experiencing emptiness and finding meaning."

Dimitri Keriotis, author of The Quiet Time

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"Great and solid poems, beautiful and evocative, as well as stark and at times disturbing."

David Anthony Martin, author of Span, Deepening the Map, and Bijoux

Birdseye Chronicles "should be read by anyone who loves all things related to canines."


LAS Reviewer

The engaging poems in Secondary Cicatrices span vast caverns of emotion, from delectable nature poems, to elemental love poems, to brutal poems about all-consuming addiction, the violence of war, and the abuse of animals.  In “Waterful,” Goldsmith carries the reader into the center of a river, where the speaker loses herself in rushing water, blissfully remarking “I am no one here” and “Overflow is everywhere.”  And deliciously, in “Snapdragon,” the flower speaks of the honeybee’s “hairy body tip[ping] my petals over/ every time until he finds my coolest nectar.”  These nurturing moments sustain us when we have to face the book’s unsettling explorations of human experience, like the flashbacks of war in “Splitting Wood” and the speaker’s uncomfortable acknowledgement that “there’d been some senseless pleasure/ in having been caught in a moment/ ruled by a mob, a force.”  Goldsmith’s eye is unflinching and compassionate, finding humanity alike in speakers immersed in the joy of the natural world and those who, in the desperation of drug addiction, commit acts of unforgivable cruelty.


Birdseye Chronicles, a chapter book for children, is a "book you must read."

Marie-Hélène Racine, teacher and reviewer

Ann Tweedy, author of The Body's Alphabet

2022 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner--Honorable Mention 

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