--Winner of the 2018 Halcyon Poetry Prize
--Finalist in the 2019 American Book Fest Awards
--Gold Winner in the 2020 Human Relations Indie Book Awards
--Finalist in the 2020 International Book Awards

Poet and publisher David Anthony Martin called these "great and solid poems, beautiful and evocative, as well as stark and at times disturbing."

Poems about nature, animals, love, and loss.

In this storybook, a family dog saves the day!  Ned, a dog, shows a boy some of life's treasures just when the boy thought the world was falling apart.

This is the story of neighborhood friends: Starbrite (the Chihuahua) who’s afraid of the world; Roger (the Rhodesian Ridgeback) who’s frustrated in love; Natasha (the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) who’s hoping to be a mother; Puck (the Dandie Dinmont Terrier) who’s wanting to smell flowers and be with his family instead of kenneled; Delroy (the Boxer) who’s focused on getting rid of an Airedale Terrier from the neighborhood because he’s different; Marshall (the German Shepherd) who makes continual neighborhood rounds as a retired police dog; Saluki (the Saluki) who calmly helps others with her understanding ways and sensitivity and who likes to spend time with her three-legged friend Norkel (the Fox Terrier-Dachshund mix) who moved away and is now guarded by Titan (the Tibetan Mastiff).  Meanwhile, the mysterious Felicity and Hope sisters (Standard Poodles) cross paths in startling ways with several of the neighborhood dogs to offer strange wisdom and guidance during times of confusion or fear.  So, what do all these neighborhood dogs have in common?—A search for meaning and love.
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